A largely unknown British hero, another case study in the unrecognised simplicities of high performance (and relevant to those thinking about nuclear…

December 2022

Where it came from. Its errors & dangers. Rationalist morality: 'the desiccated relic of what was once the unselfconscious moral tradition of an…

November 2022

Trump's disastrous error. Why it's in AOC's interests to challenge Old Joe. Dynamics of 2024. Elite polarisation, Cicero & fishponds. Professor Sides…
Monday 28 November, 1900-2100
Introduction ‘Ideas thus made up of several simple ones put together, I call Complex; such as are Beauty, Gratitude, a Man, an Army, the Universe…

October 2022

'Push what is falling'

September 2022

'... lifeless eyes, like a doll’s eyes...’

August 2022

'Politics is the womb in which war develops'... Errors in politics and strategy dwarf errors in operations and tactics... Relevance for UKR... Seventeen…

July 2022

“If the value system collapses, how can the social system be sustained?” Wu Huning, adviser to Xi. A few snippets below on: Dangerous academics on…
A few snippets below on: Culture wars Why HMT has too much power, destroys value, and should be split up The leadership contest SW1 myths on ‘the…
Thanks for all comments on Reading List. Snippets below on: No10 farce summary Finkelstein re Tory strategy Ukraine AGI ruin Evidence on daycare…

June 2022

As long promised (sorry!), here are some books and a few papers I recommend. I’ve read at least some of (almost) all of them and (almost) all of most…