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#5 Regime Change: Rationalism in politics

#4 Regime Change, America 2024

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On Complexity, ‘fog and moonlight’, prediction, and politics VII: why social science is so bad at prediction & what is to be done

Snippets 9: Tyler Cowen interview on talent; the coming Kami-kwasi collapse; what UK politics looked like in 2010

SNIPPETS 8: The Human Handgrenade & Kami-kwasi fiasco... Unexplained by the media she destroyed her own power on Day 1... MISC on UKR, tech...

'People, ideas, machines' V: Colin Gray on Defence Planning

Snippets 7: A chance to replace the Tories; mass nonpayment of bills; Chinese 'engineers of the soul' on western decadénce; Deep State insight; airpower in UKR...

Snippets 6: the leadership race; SW1 Reality and Simulation - 'culture wars'; why HMT should be split up; Homer Simpson was right ‘democracy doesn’t work’; UKR...

Snippets 5: No10 farce, UKR, Tory 'strategy', AGI ruin, daycare, Direct Instruction, do shares only go up at night?!, NSN, abortion/US...

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Snippets 4 & AMA 1200 13 May: hundreds of Auschwitz’s in a few hours... and the media cheers like the crowds of summer 1914...

'People, ideas, machines' IV: The Kill Chain


'People, ideas, machines' III: More on the fallacies of nuclear deterrence amid danger, exertion, uncertainty, and chance

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'People, ideas, machines' II: catastrophic thinking on nuclear weapons

'People, ideas, machines' I: Notes on ‘Winning the Next War’


Regime Change#3: Amazon's lessons on high performance management for the next PM


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Parties, photos, trolleys, variants

Dan Wang & Ryan Petersen on China, governance, technology, infrastructure, supply chains, ROE