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Startup government, LKY notes #7: Good government needs great people

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Startup Government, LKY notes #6: Deng's reforms, Tiananmen, Taiwan

Risk, aggression, Brexit and Article 16

Startup Government, LKY notes #5: Cold War, Soviet collapse, China/Taiwan, lessons from Japan

How could Labour win? Swap dud 'dead player' Starmer for a Midlands woman, shift HQ to a Tory-held Midlands marginal, focus on econ & crime

Systems problems but no systems thinking or systems management

Startup Government #4: next notes on LKY

Startup government: notes on LKY#3


'The fish rots from the head'

Regime Change #2: A plea to Silicon Valley - start a project NOW to write the plan for the next GOP candidate

Afghanistan SNAFU (situation normal all fucked up): 'normal' politics,'normal' results

High performance startup government: notes on LKY #2

Regime Change #1: How elite firms recruit talent & implications for high performance government

High performance startup government & systems politics: some notes on Lee Kuan Yew’s book

Breaking kayfabe: answers to some common questions re the BBC interview

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Why I went to No10 in summer 2019

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More evidence on how the PM's & Hancock's negligence killed people

The UK’s procurement system & judicial review: a cold deadly monster

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The PM on Hancock: 'totally fucking hopeless'

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