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I think the covid excuse will work. HS2 spending was always planned but covid is an unexpected once in a 100 years freak event. HS2 is untouchable by Boris because it's seen as northern levelling up. It's not northern levelling up since they are likely to cancel much of the work in the north anyway and it seems pointless in the post-covid WFH age. But he is utterly clueless about what levelling up means and will stick with it.

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Great post! This is what I'm here for.

I don't particularly care if the Conservative Party rules for 20 years (actually this would be a bad outcome imo) and I don't care that much if he raises taxes as long as he does it proportionately but your analysis is fascinating as always, and surprisingly to me as a committed rejoiner, I'm starting to love your vision for how to change countries / governments more than I hate what you did with the EU.

But are any ministers and MPs reading?

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Sep 3, 2021Liked by Dominic Cummings

Everything is quite absurd

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Dominic, I’m still composing a response to your recent plea to Silicon Valley, but much of it is a request that give ‘Brexit’ the consideration it deserves and recognise that we’ve seen little positive to date and cannot allow the country to continue on it’s current trajectory (of creating further damage). You’ve highlighted that Conservatives need to take a stand before the party self destructs. Why not drive a discussion on what the UK needs to do, in order to deliver on the promises of Brexit. Solutions, not blame. And inclusive… I am/was a Conservative and wanted to remain. We’ve left, so my focus is on making Brexit a success - for the vast majority.

Haven’t read entire blog but in case you haven’t addressed, what do you recommend as alternative sources of funds?

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Your wise words are confirmation that we were duped into thinking that we'd elected a Conservative Government. I hope that many Tory MP's heed your advice, rebel and remove this mendacious, pathetic PM.

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Good article Dom. What is your honest opinion on Sunak?

It seems obvious that he is the heir-apparent to this current government if Starmer and Johnson continues as they are. Is there anything behind the impressive and well oiled PR machine? I’ve read mixed opinions on this. But surely he is more competent and technically aware than current leader.

On the tax rises, as a young person who voted for BOJO in 2019 I can guarantee if this goes ahead I will NEVER vote for them again, same for many people I know. This would be a disgraceful resort to type by a party who just 2 years ago promised to at least pretend to address the dangerous inequalities that are pushing this country into socioeconomic collapse. Obviously we shouldn’t be surprised but I hope at least some MPs can hold them to account. Clearly, the party remains totally captured by elite financial/economic interests who have a paranoia towards taxation and prefer the poor to pay for major social issues.

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I find this slightly weird and inconsistent. Could you explain (given others may not understand this point either ) why are you so desperate to see this plan torpedoed, when in the same breath you say it will harm Johnson? For if we accept your version of Johnson as true (and I do) who cares if it harms him? It almost feels here in this post as if you are still passionately attached to the Tory party and want to be its saviour which is odd because you often say how much you loathe it . Also in this instance you are passionately advocating the same cause as its hard right like for example John Redwood who is also passionately against the plan but is that just coincidence?

Also I find the argument about it punishing young people hard to understand as they can expect to benefit themselves in due course and would be helped by not having to fund the care of their parents .

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Great post Dom. You won’t remember me but we briefly overlapped at Business for Sterling when I was co editor of the brochure with the late Bill Jamieson.

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Right on the nail and exactly the kind of leadership the thinking Brit is gasping for.

1) Increasing taxation (either directly or indirectly) would be putting a barrel in the revolver that faces the British economy but without the benefit of the single malt that usually accompanies it. Only John Redwood appears to grasp you cannot raise taxes when there is nothing to tax! The British economy has been mothballed for the last 2 years effectively thanks to Covid so what precisely are they going to tax?

2) Any sane business person or householder knows when money is scarce you cut your cloth. Why hasn't the Government done this? (Howls of rage from the left and the public sector) We voted for small government and deregulation and none of that has happened.

3) The word they will not utter is 'growth'. Every document that has emerged from the bowels of Whitehall in recent months is a confection of process and bureaucracy. Even the so-called Innovation Strategy I pointed you to contained NO concrete suggestions about how to grow the economy. Taxation would have many business owners and the lower paid reaching for the revolver to save them the trouble.

4) The Government does not raise funds through taxation. One of m' learned contributors on here can explain that. They should be gaining funds thro confidence in the economy. But, no growth, no confidence.

5) Boris made a promise. Breaking that would blow the relationship of trust between the Government and the people made at the last election.

What we want is less government; less regulation; less tax; simpler taxation a chance for the country and our nation of shopkeepers to do what it does best: enterprise. This can only come if the Government realises, like LKY, what conditions are required, and taxing those already under the cosh, to feed an overly bureaucratic and badly-managed bloater of an NHS, is not the way forward. The Government also needs to govern: to stop meddling in the everyday and concentrate on what is critical.

Natural conservatives can barely contain their incandescent rage at what is proposed. Regime change cannot come soon enough. This country is heading over the cliff. Handing a gift like this to Labour would make sure that Britannia would never rule the waves again, ever.

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Hey buddy x love this one the most. Hope you think about making it free cause I think it’s very important. Thank you. I’ve copy and pasted three hundred words or so. https://t.me/dfgormley/23 If this isn’t cool or proper etiquette I’ll delete it in two seconds. x

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I agree with everything you write about the Westminster bubble, media disincentives, government as an entertainment service etc. The phrase that then springs to mind is: a MASS CONSENSUAL HALLUCINATION. It's a phrase NYU Professor Scott Galloway uses often when writing about SPACs, Ivy League University tuition, Tesla, current bull market etc. And it seems the most fitting description of what we have in the UK today; a total denial that we need change / massive overhaul.

The challenge for change is how longstanding, ingrained and pervasive this consensual hallucination is. We have allowed these repetitive systems of thinking to go unchecked and solidify.

The emerging field of psychedelic medicine might offer a solution, however. Companies such as ATAI Life Sciences, Compass Pathways (UK based), and MindMed are working to have psychedelic molecules (e.g. psilocybin, LSD, MDMA, DMT) licensed as treatments for depression. 300 million+ are living, globally, with clinical depression; their condition cannot be helped by the current treatments (e.g. SSRIs). Psychedlic trials offer hope; the results so far suggest that for these 300 million, there is a different future. Check out the work Robin Carhart-Harris is doing at Imperial College London or roland Griffiths at John Hopkins for more insight. So far, only J&J have a licensed psych medicine on the market (Ketmaine for depression in the US).

With untreatable depression patterns of thought have been allowed, over time, to become ingrained, repetitively - like slay tracks on a icey mountain path. Psychedlics act like a fresh carpet of snow. As Michael Pollan says: "The brain is temporarily rewired. And that rewiring - whether the new connections actually produce the useful material or just shaking up the system - 'shaking the snow globe,' as one of the neuroscientists put it, is what's therapeutic. It is a reboot of the brain."

I read your call to the valley, but how do we dramatically break the hallucination and dramatically reboot Gov / media in the UK?

VL showed it possible. How do we go make sure it's long lasting this time?

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You are as responsible as anyone for getting this man into No 10. Please tell us whether you ever think ‘ Oh God, what did I do’

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Great post. Time for the Tory Cabinet Ministers to start asking BJ some tough questions. The leadership vacuum at the top cannot be sustained.

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I'm really confused about why this is a locked post, half of the content seems to be specifically tailored to advising MPs and cabinet members. I read in the Spectator that there are around 1500 subscribers to this substack. So I'd be really surprised if all the Tory MPs who should read this will have access as that would mean that over 20% of your subscribers would be Tory MPs, which is surely untrue.

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