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well done on yesterday DC, i must say it didn't reveal very much that we didn't already know, plus the QC didn't see to like you

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Cummings: “These people have lied and made decisions that have killed thousands of people”.

QC: “Yeah but you can’t be rude about them.”

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so much wittering about hurty ****. also re slowing down was the court reporter from Fiverrr or something-well done for keeping your cool and coming across as far more incisive than the KC.

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A few comments not so much on Dom's testimony but to set the record straight(er) from someone working in critical care and anaesthesia during the pandemic.

1. The Nordic experience. Apart from booze, the Nordics are bloody healthy. We in the UK on the other hand are not, which explains a lot of the difference in Covid outcomes. They're also small population, low population density countries.

2. Plenty of middle aged, working people ended up on ventilators in ITU. Some of them survived. Not having a lockdown would have been disastrous - critical care units would have been (more) overwhelmed and deaths at home would have been commonplace. It's instructive to compare Covid with the 'flu epidemic of the sixties. People died at home and the NHS didn't collapse because, ironically, there was no critical care to speak of and there were barely any antibiotics. Covid caused a crisis in health care because modern medicine could actually do something.

3. Regarding the condescending attitude to the Italians in early 2020. I'm just as guilty and felt that we were bound to cope so much better. It wasn't until we started getting the message from Italian colleagues in critical care that we started to bang on the door of management to tell them a shit storm was coming. Credit to them, they took us seriously. When Covid reached the south east, again a little smugness (I work in the Northwest) took place in my heart thinking those middle class skiing southerners' problems wouldn't reach us. Ah, well...

4. I think it was the FA and the Rugby authorities unilaterally cancelling games that tipped Boris into lockdown. It certainly came across that way after the Cheltenham debacle.

5. I hated the clapping.

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Dom I showed my mum some of the clips where they read out your insults in the inquiry. She has now started using the phrase “fuckpig” all the time hahaha

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You are still box office DC!

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bloody hell just saw the eye pic. get well soon .

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Definately noticed MSM yesterday going for a lot of clickbait headlines, w/ info we ALREADY knew from Doms 7hr session w/ health & science committee + tweets etc.

Instead they focused on relationship disputes between ministers/PM, bad language etc, media doesn't seems to want to admit/understand that government is broken so keep treating Dom like he's some alien outsider.

Saw a clip of Dom getting out of a taxi to enter enquiry building and a journo just yells 'How's your eyesight Mr Cummings? Was Boris the right person for the job?'. Terrible questions that they should ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER TO!

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You said it like you saw it. What more can one want. You lived it, and you were circumspect enough to take notes and keep them for future use. They obviously hate being called to account and hate even more the fact that you can prove their inadequacies.


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More than anything, your session with the KC reminded me of a 1960s Lenny Bruce obscenity trial. Spiky character sees through society's charades, calls out the crap & identifies logical strategies that actually work is scapegoated by smooth Establishment lawyer as 'everything that's wrong with society today'. The inevitable, repetitive, clumsy, theatrical elephant trap finale of 'Bar-nard Carstle' was a low-rent insult to viewers' intelligence.

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I thought the aside, which most people will have missed, from Dame Heather Hallet just before a break was entertaining - "Like me, Mr Cummings speaks quickly". A little rebuke to Hugo Keith and his incessant "slow down" schoolmasterisms?

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Excellent job on staying cool under hostile questioning. Your apology for your language will be used against you forevermore, though. Ceding the moral high ground to these fools is what gives them authority to judge your actions.

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I thought much of the tenor of the questioning was complete arse. Even if it were relevant, being rude about a woman is not evidence of misogyny and not worth talking about in the context of so much avoidable death.

Also absolutely everything focused on the period between the kind of wow-northern-Italy-is-in-the-shit period and up until about two weeks into the first UK lockdown. I'd like to know more about decision-making which occurred later on. Such as when we found that the thing did not transmit through surfaces, or outdoors, contrary to 'facts'. Or when it became clear that quite a large proportion of the popn had nothing to fear from infection. At the time it occurred to me that the UK was slow to react to new findings and bin restrictions on outdoor activity, for instance. The point being that most of the public worked this out before the govt did and behaved accordingly, making a nonsense of the rules. Anecdotally speaking of course but from approx late summer 2020 onwards I don't know anyone who didn't break rules to have, say, friends in their garden for a few beers once we knew that covid could not transmit outdoors. The rules did not allow this but it was a totally safe activity.

There of course remains absolutely zero seriousness from the commentariat about our systems being bust irrespective of who's in charge.

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Luke Skywalker: He used the Death Star to destroy Alderaan and killed billions of people.

British Mainstream media: How do you explain calling Darth Vader a fuckpig, Mr Skywalker?

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I wished your interrogator was less grandstanding over tabloid stories we already knew (and have probably made our minds up about) and a whole lot more forensic about things we did not know. Everybody and his dog has already had their say about Barnard Castle etc. and here, as in other places, he was merely rude to no effect at all, not even enabling any further explanation. How can that be proper enquiry? As my comments here show I strongly disagree with you about masses of stuff but on this trivial matter, I could well imagine doing exactly the same --namely, while recuperating from an illness, taking my family out on a short hop to make sure I would next day be able to manage a long one. It makes perfect sense in any real context but. when blown up in public for amusement value, just became a typically British tee-hee seaside joke. Once the exaggerated comedy spin has been applied, it is indelible. So why on earth was the enquiry wasting its time on it? Proper incisive knife-like questions might well have made a serious impact as for example the rather more new information that Johnson denies he knew of your trip. This was fresher and more loaded (even if the denier has form) yet it was not even put to you, was it?

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I'm going to break ranks here. You and those who supported you in Feb 2020 and before were concerned Covid was going to kill thousands of people. I believe if you'd followed Trolley Johnson's herd immunity plan, the death toll would be about 10-15% less then it currently stands.

Your stance of immediate border closure is similar to that of Singapore and South Korea, both of which you've praised in the past. But Singapore and South Korea's low death tolls are because they let the virus spread. Information is very clear (and was published by twitter accounts like Ethical Skeptic in April 2020) that the virus had been active in China since easter 2018. Look worldwide, many of the nations with the lowest death tolls are the ones where China is a major trading partner. They all received a non-lethal variant of the virus in 2018-2019. If we accept that the virus is also the vaccine (which is how vaccine's work) then those people were already vaccinating themselves. Why do you think Singapore's death toll rocketed up in 2021 after they opened borders (which the inquiry skates over)? Because they didn't let the virus travel and thus had reduced protection from deadlier variants. If there'd been no November Lockdown the death toll would be less because more people would have caught the Spanish Variant and thus would be protected from the Kent Variant. Why do you think Spain never had a second lockdown? Why do you think Alabama despite having huge parties after winning College Football didn't have a surge? Or the 14 states which had no home visit restrictions during Thanksgiving for that matter. Instead this border closure approach would have outcomes similar to the high deaths of Hungary, Slovenia et al. Why do you think the lockdowns were ordered just before Quiet Place 2 came out in cinemas? That film would have told people that trying to delay the monster just makes it worse. Look at New Zealand.

People hype up the Spanish Flu as the big killer. But the flu wasn't the real killer. Large numbers of the people who were treated were exposed to Asprin levels which would kill any ordinary person because people didn't know then. Hence, the deaths were Iatrogenic. The same could be said for the approach with ventilators. The UK did a lot of ventilation similar to places like NYC and there's a strong pattern of death linked to ventilation across the world. Also the lack of using repurposed drugs like some African countries employed. What other measures could have been Iatrogenic?

In particular once viewing this data from Spain in May 2020 https://nitter.net/pic/orig/media%2FEYUi3xXWoAMH49n.jpg it is very clear that Covid-19 is an age stratified disease. Thus the strategy should have been to encourage under 60s to live their lives and allow for over 60s to shelter, unless they wanted to live their lives. All the money spent on furlough could have been used to give £180k to every over 60 in Britain. Certainly no need for lockdowns in November 2020 and Jan 2021.

Then there are the all important cultural collateral effects. Do we want to live in a society where people believe that rights end where fear begins? Do we want a society where people are by default considered sick unless proven otherwise? Do we want a world where "bare life" is venerated, that is to say a life where people live longer even though they have little to do in that life? Do we want people like Kate from Goodricke Hall at York University who likes staying in her dorm all day because the campus staff give her Mars Bars to be our future leaders (this incident was in NOVEMBER 2020 by the way)? Do we want a world where certain items and activities are considered "non-essential" (see Wales covering up clothes and books in supermarkets)? Do we want to be ill and denied advocates navigating a hospital, the most dangerous place in Britain (in the daytime)? A government that WANTS people to be scared defies every rule of crisis communication. Then there's the fact that the life expectancy of those who grew up in the Pandemic could be reduced by 5 years because of the lack of interactions and inactivity during that period. Or the fact that the lack of tourism and attempts by leaders to imitate the west has caused massive damage to African Countries and probably accelerated the Coup belt phenomenon. But more obviously is the cost of living. Energy is a lagging industry, it produces based on past demand. When the price of oil went negative in April 2020 because of suppressed demand, that reduced production. Then when demand went up, there wasn't enough supply to keep up. Studies show that every week of "full lockdown" (closed shops) causes one month of cost of living. All these things cause far more deaths than Covid. These should be a warning not to interfere like this again. Even from a TSP perspective the people who feel that lockdown was a mistake (20% of the pop) are also the ones most likely to vote for a new party. They're also younger, especially as the TSP blueprint leans older.

I apologise if I am dumb and there's been trustworthy articles disproving me or if you know something I don't which can change my mind.

PS: The idea that the Covid death toll of the UK, with it's population density and demographics, could be pushed below 100,000 is absurd. Best case scenario is Ireland's death rate (adjusted for UK population 124,000). Anything lower would require co-operation which France and Ireland would not have provided until it was too late.

Edit: The Notion that you should ignore your body because everyone is infectious and instead conduct our lives online plays to the (woke) post-liberal notion that our minds are more important then our bodies, which is what is causing the trans hysteria?

Second Edit: Imagine if we used the fear of Covid to encourage people to lose weight. That would have saved MANY more lives.

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